Sojourn Records' artists include: Blues great, Danny Kalb, co-founder and singer-songwriter, Tom Laverack, NYC subway legend, Theo Eastwind, the world-renowned Jewish music superstar, Neshama Carlebach and her father "the singing Rabbi", Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, Americana rocker, Ken Will Morton, the eclectic alt-folk-rock duo, Just Desserts, the post-punk duo, Crash&Burn, and the accomplished singer-songwriter, Matt Keating.

These artists, as well as several notable new artists have signed on and believe in co-founder's Mark Ambrosino and Tom Laverack's vision of a new type of record/music company. Sojourn believes in working with artists who are passionate about their music, who are committed to making recordings that stand the test of time, and are looking to connect with their audience in a new way.  At Sojourn, the studio is at the heart of the label, and co-founder Mark Ambrosino's commitment and passion for bringing great music to life is the major driving force behind each project. Sojourn believes in a hybrid model – one that brings the roots of classic music production and focus on the craft together with the technological innovations (for production and promotion) that exist in 2012,

Ambrosino is a professional drummer who  has had the opportunity to play with many notable musicians and performers over the years, including Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder and Whitney Houston. His studio, The Madhouse, is home to many independent and major label recordings. Mark has recorded over one hundred full-length records at The Madhouse and has produced almost half of those projects.  Mark's extensive experience working with a variety of artists, both behind the drum kit and behind the console, has made him keenly aware of the great talent and promise that exists in the music world as well as the daunting challenges.    Tom Laverack is a musician and songwriter who has been writing and recording music for over twenty-five years.  Laverack has had his music featured in the films of Larry Fessenden, including No Telling, Habit, Wendigo and most recently, the IFC release, The Last Winter.  In addition to his musical work, Laverack also has extensive management experience in the nonprofit world and a specific interest in entrepreneurship with a social/cultural focus.

The studio is at the nucleus of the label and Ambrosino's commitment and passion for making and producing great music is one of the major driving forces behind the label's mission. As Ambrosino laments, "It pains me to see such talented artists work so hard on these incredible recordings only to realize that the general public will probably never get a chance to hear them."

With the traditional record labels largely disbanded , Sojourn believes a return to the "basics" of the classic recordings of an earlier era along with new technology and increased access via online outlets provides a unique opportunity for independent artists. Bridging the old with the new is central to Sojourn's vision. At times, during great change, there is the ever present reality of "throwing the baby out with the bath water". Sojourn believes that mastery of the art of recording and musicianship is still as important as it always was. Costs and context don't change the reality of good music. As Mark states, "You can buy the look, but you can't buy the grease". Sojourn believes that "grease" is in short supply, and that sooner or later, there will be a craving for the essentials within a modern music audience.

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Sojourn now under the Umbrella
Effective immediately


The Music Umbrella, established in 1980, the 34 year old  international entertainment  music publishing, licensing and media consulting company headed by Glenn H. Friedman will be working with Sojourn Records and Studios.
The company concentrates on the expanding ,emerging, international music scene.  We are so thrilled to be working with a talent driven label from NYC who truly understands that being a top 40 label is unnecessary to compete in the world market now days.
Since its beginnings, the company has worked with the likes of The Who, AC DC, Atlantic Starr, Anita Baker, the late Luther Vandross, The Oak Ridge Boys, Robin Gibb, Barry White, Wynonna Judd and countless of other successful artists, producers, top songwriters, managers , publishers ,choreographers, and composers
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